Isabel Vega Villegas


The world of fitness has always had a special magnetism for me. It fills me with joy to work in a sector that positively impacts people's health. My goal when I started was to build a large community of people with a healthy lifestyle. I began my professional career in the world of science and engineering, which has provided me with a technical perspective on management. This, along with the business management knowledge I have been immersed in since childhood, has facilitated professional management of the clubs I led. In the year 2000, we used the Balanced Scorecard methodology, limited benchmarking data, satisfaction surveys with specialized companies, and Excel as tools for decision-making. Without data, we would not have achieved a benchmark loyalty rate in the sector.

"Knowing where to find the information and how to use it. That is the secret of success." - Albert Einstein
The fitness sector is driven by people who are very passionate about sports, and it is a privilege to be surrounded by people who love what they do. However, I notice that they do not rely on technology to professionalize their management, and there I see the great challenge of our industry. From this vision and our experience as managers and consultants, FitnessKPI was born. The fitness sector contributes to two fundamental parameters in society: health and the economy. I believe it is time for it to have the technological management tools that other industries are already using to be more competitive. My current role is to generate alliances with major players in the industry (management and finance software, CRM, apps, etc.) as well as ambassadors in different countries. Together, we are generating more value for managers, allowing each of us to focus on our expertise. The FitnessKPI ecosystem is increasingly large and international, reflecting a growing need for managers for specialized BI in the sector and partners who, aware of the complexity, choose to trust FitnessKPI to meet this demand and, moreover, elevate their portfolio.


Co-founder & Growth ManagerCo-founder & Growth Manager FitnessKPI Co-Founder Veevo set de 2015 - mar de 2023
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