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Fitness KPI is the first specialized KPI Balanced Scorecard dedicated to sports and fitness facilities.
An indispensable tool for a correct analysis of your fitness centre that will allow you to make strategic and operational decisions based on real and accurate data
Many years of experience working with club owners and managers have given us the expertise to know the most relevant indicators for making decisions in order to improve the performance and competitiveness of the business.

Access from anywhere on any device

Keep track of your business

FitnessKPI presents you the status of your club in real time from any device, also comparing data evolution from month-to-month and homologous period.

You will know all the indicators that a fitness specialist manager must master to take decisions. Measure and improve your processes to become more competitive.

Possibility of integration with your Management and Billing software so that data can be quickly and easily downloaded in real time.


Business Information in Real-time
Analysis of business evolution

Compare yourself with the best

FitnessKPI offers you the possibility to compare your club's results with resemble competitors, multisport complexes, Boutiques, Lowcost's or 24-hour Convenience gyms.

You will be able to check whether you are better or worse than average and how the best performing club is doing.

Improve with our strategic consulting service

FitnessKPI is a 360º solution that begins with acquiring the state of your company, allows you to compare with other clubs and finally offers you the possibility to improve the indicators that need specialized advice.

What do we offer?

Analyse the evolution of each indicator in relation to the previous months and years.

Export the information for detailed reports tailored to your needs.

Compare your club with industry benchmarking and competitors like yours.

Use the alarm system to focus on the most important indicators to improve.

Member Profile

This area identifies the real profile of your customers by gender, age, seniority, membership and level of frequency.

New members and retention

This area analyses the two most important roles in a fitness centre: new members and retention. You will be able to check, among other KPIs, ratios of new members and leavers, ratio of closed sales, cancellations avoided, net growth, average lifetime period or customers at risk of cancellation.

Usage and occupation

This area identifies the services that your customers consume and how often, helps you to know their habits and consumption preferences, what days they attend, at what times, which are the preferred services and what spaces they use most frequently.


This area analyses the club's profitability levels through different indicators. You can easily check your ebitda customer's value, break-even, bad debts, average monthly payments and many other KPIs.