ANNA is FitnessKPI‘s specialized fitness AI, a tool designed to improve the efficiency and results of fitness clubs. With its advanced data analysis and statistics system, ANNA enables fitness center managers to make informed decisions and customize their marketing and sales strategies for each client.


ANNA, FitnessKPI’s specialized AI, is able to make month-to-month predictions in real time. This gives you access to accurate data, allowing you to make informed decisions and adapt quickly to market changes. In addition, ANNA can customize forecasts according to the specific needs of your sports center, allowing you to obtain relevant information for your business.

Future members lost

ANNA analyzes the behavior of your members in the club and detects changes that may indicate the risk of cancellation in the coming months. This will allow you to take preventive measures to improve customer retention and reduce the number of cancellations in your facility. ANNA can also create clusters of members according to the risk level, allowing you to focus your resources on those customers who need the most attention.

Virtual consultant

FitnessKPI includes a fast and efficient analysis of the financial area, customer acquisition and customer loyalty. This way, you will have access to valuable information that will allow you to make informed decisions in a short time. ANNA can perform customized analysis according to the needs of your fitness center, which will allow you to obtain relevant information to improve the management of your business.


FitnessKPI allows the hyper-personalization of your marketing and sales actions, using the analysis of your customers’ behavior to make personalized offers and promotions. This will allow you to improve the customer experience and increase your revenue. ANNA can analyze your customers’ behavior and automate actions based on the analysis of each member. This way, you can reduce the time and resources you spend on personalizing your marketing and sales strategies.