Enterprise data exploitation for the improvement of the decision making process for SPORTS CENTERS.

Our FitnessKPI solution includes:

This solution includes a number of hours of parameterization for the definition of the particularities of the marketing processes for fitness centers, as well as for data loading. This process is essential for the subsequent implementation and deployment of the digitization solution that will provide, as a minimum, the functionalities and services detailed below:

  • Data integration with other databases: the solution shall allow access to other databases and comparisons with the exposed data.
  • Data storage: the solution shall provide a storage capacity of at least 1GB per user.
  • Creation of structured and visual data dashboards: the solution shall allow the creation of customized data dashboards with relevant data and different forms of visualization.
  • Data export: the solution will allow exporting data and images or to Excel documents, creating synergies and compatibility with different programs commonly used by users.


  • Integration, customization and software: 4.000 €.


Digitize and optimize the management of commercial relations with customers for SPORTS CENTERS and for companies in other sectors.

Our FitnessCRM solution includes:

  • Customer management: storage and consultation of data of each customer from its registration as a business opportunity and simulation of purchase of products or contracting services.
  • Leads management: new Leads can be added manually or by importing a file. These data associated to the Leads will allow their commercial management with the objective of converting them into customers. The solution includes the functionality of parameterization of business rules for the assignment of Leads according to different criteria.
  • Opportunity management: sending offers and quotes to the potential customer or Lead.
  • Commercial actions or tasks: creation of commercial actions and tasks, both manually and automatically.
  • Reporting, planning and commercial follow-up: follow-up solutions by means of indicators (KPI’s), with information aggregation levels according to the solution user’s profile. Generation of reports for tracking and monitoring commercial activity, including efficiency ratios, phase status and other measurable attributes (such as products, quotes, etc.), and according to channels, profiles, roles and/or commercial phases.
  • Alerts: generation of customer alerts in graphic format of different types (icons, pop-up messages, etc.).
  • Document management: includes software for the centralized management of documentation, capable of inserting and/or linking documents both related to the commercial activity and those provided by the customers themselves.
  • Responsive design: the solution interface is responsive, i.e. adapted to be functional on all types of devices.
  • Integration with various platforms: availability of APIs or Web Services for the consolidation of information and data from the entire company.



  • Integration, customization and software: 4.000 €.