We transform data into actions to take your fitness business to the next level.

We are a business intelligence platform designed for the fitness industry. Our goal is to help fitness clubs improve their decision making processes and achieve better results in key areas such as retention, sales and revenue.

We transform data into action. We automatically connect to any database, collect the important data and present it in a user-friendly way. In addition, we rely on ANNA, our AI, which is able to make predictions and analyze your business situation in a matter of seconds.

By working with FitnessKPI, you will have the opportunity to make decisions based on accurate data instead of relying solely on your intuition. This will lead to smarter decisions and better results for your business.

Member profile

This area will show you the actual profile of your customers and how it varies over time. Observe their composition by gender, age, generation, length of membership, number of visits and level of risk.

Sales and retention

You will be able to analyze the sales funnel, measure adherence and attrition, net growth and the profile of the new or departing members.

Habits of your members

Knowing what services your customers use and how often, helps you understand their habits. Useful KPI's such as activities, favorite instructors or most used spaces.

Economic and financial

Here you can analyze the club's profitability with various indicators, such as margin, lifetime value, break-even point, average membership fee or non-dues revenues.


Use and occupation

What services your customers consume and how often they use them, will help you to know their consumption habits and preferences.

What days they attend the club, at what times, what services they prefer and what spaces they use most frequently are some KPI’s that are at the service of management in this area.


Identifying the specific areas where your members are located is essential to better understand your audience and optimize your sports club’s marketing strategy.

You will be able to geolocate not only members, but also new members and cancellations. This way you can better adjust marketing campaigns or design strategies to outperform the competition.

Future members lost

Our Artificial Intelligence determines which members might unsubscribe in the next 3 months. This feature is made possible by AI’s ability to analyze user data and behavior patterns, such as attendance, frequency and duration of training, changes in training habits and other relevant indicators.

Marketing and communication

In this area you will be able to analyze and measure the performance of publications and marketing campaigns on all social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others.

You can also generate detailed reports that provide valuable information on campaign performance, engagement rate and other relevant data.