At FitnessKPI we are aware of the trust placed in us by the companies with which we work. That's why we know how important security is for them.

How do we protect your data?

  • Encrypted communication: All communication is encrypted using security certificates and with the safest encryption layer that exists, currently undecipherable.
  • Firewall: We block those connections that are dangerous.
  • Vulnerability analysis: We periodically analyze the vulnerabilities that are published to correct them.
FitnessKPI - Padlock
FitnessKPI - Padlock


At FitnessKPI we are committed to the European General Data Protection Law (GDPR). This means that all our users can access all their data at any time and exercise their right to cancel.

Certificates and security protocols

All of our customer's data is stored on the Digital Ocean servers located in Amsterdam, a set of web services in the cloud that guarantees maximum security and data availability. Digital Ocean is one of the largest providers with data centers throughout the world. The data centers are protected by two physical layers of security, armed guards, a video surveillance system, and a user and role access system with biometric authentication in two steps.

FitnessKPI - Padlock
FitnessKPI - Padlock
FitnessKPI - Padlock


These are some of the most frequent doubts when hiring FitnessKPI.

The data is stored on secure servers and is never treated individually by Club. Only information is shared regarding sector totals and center types.

No, FitnessKPI does not sell or transfer the information of your club to third parties.

Access to all your information is accessible only through your username and password. Nobody else will have access to your club's data. The information and data of other clubs is only visible jointly, to create reference indicators in the sector and by type of club (Benchmarking).

Yes, you can exercise any right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of the data that you have entered in Factorial at any time.
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