Pablo Viñaspre


Since I can remember, I have always been involved in sports, which remains my great passion to this day.
I graduated in Physical Activity Sciences because I was clear that this was what I wanted to study; I had no Plan B. After graduating, I was awarded a La Caixa scholarship to pursue a Master's in Exercise Physiology at the University of Texas at Austin. Upon returning from those two years in the United States, I started working in the sports industry, holding positions of responsibility in several companies. I also completed the High-Performance Sports Master's from the COE and the Autonomous University of Madrid.
A few years later, I decided to spend a few months at the Cooper Institute in Dallas to work with the management team in various areas of the complex. There, I met a great leader, and my interest shifted from physiology to business management. Shortly after returning from that experience, I decided to leave my management job and start my own company, focused on training in management and consulting for fitness clubs.
It was 1999, and I was starting from scratch, without many contacts, without a database, and without financial backing, but with great enthusiasm and the conviction that it was necessary to offer innovative and quality solutions to managers. Thus began my entrepreneurial journey with WSC Consulting, with a focus on innovation and quality. I am proud to see the evolution we have had over the years and the achievements we have accomplished. Over these years, we have trained thousands of professionals in the industry both in Spain and other countries, and we have helped hundreds of companies improve their operations and profitability.  I have delivered training and lectures and written articles for the industry media, at an international level. I am the author of several books, such as "La Ruta del Management en el Fitness," published in Spain and Portugal.
I have always been committed to continuous learning, and among many of the courses I have completed over the years, I highlight the General Management Program at EADA Business School. After completing this program, we created the Fitness Management School (FMS), a Business School for fitness managers, with which we have been providing high-level management training for several years. We use methodologies from leading business schools and combine faculty from these schools with top executives in the sector.
Currently, I dedicate my professional time to managing FitnessKPI, a dashboard software for fitness clubs. I have been working in the field of sports and management for over 25 years, and I continue to learn with enthusiasm and strive to contribute to this industry with passion and honesty, which are the values that guide me.


Founder and CEO - FitnessKPI Since - October 2018 Fundador - Fitness Management School Since - 2012 · 12 years and 6 months The FMS is oriented towards the development of a management and leadership style based on training with extensive experience, emotional intelligence, commitment and passion for a job well done. Fundador y CEO - Wellness & Sport Consulting From - 1999 to January 2020 · Wellness & Sport Consulting offers training and consulting services that help club management teams improve their operations and competitiveness.


EADA Business School - GMP (General Management Program) The University of Texas at Austin - Master in Exercise Phisiology