Know who your customer is, how they behave, and create automatic and personalized actions

When you deeply understand your customers, you have the key to reducing churn, increasing cross-sales, and boosting loyalty.

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Know in real-time who your customer is and how they behave in your centers.

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Hyper-segment your Clients

Use data to understand your audience and make precise decisions that cater to their needs and interests.

Discover their behavior.

Understand how customers behave in your center: entry frequency, attendance at guided classes, room occupancy, and more.

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Surveillance 24/7
Watch out! The pace in Revenues you have this month is too low to achieve the monthly goal. You have €26,224 so far and the target is €30,000 in total revenues..
Attrition rate
Compared to the industry your Attrition rate is not good. You have room for improvement. Let's go!
Attrition rate
You have a good acquisition rate (5.67%) for the industry (5.09%), the room for improvement is possible although not of great magnitude.

Create Personalized Actions.

Knowing who they are and how they behave, FitnessKPI allows you to launch email, WhatsApp, and other campaigns segmented by any of your customers' parameters.

Why segmenting is important

Benefits of Hypersegmentation

Greater precision in marketing strategies

Hypersegmentation allows you to create highly personalized marketing campaigns that speak directly to the specific interests and needs of each customer segment, increasing the effectiveness and return on investment of your marketing efforts.

Improvement in customer loyalty

By better understanding your customers' behavior and preferences, you can design personalized experiences that keep your customers engaged and satisfied, resulting in greater retention and loyalty.

Resource Optimization

Hypersegmentation allows you to allocate resources more efficiently. This way, you ensure that marketing efforts and service offerings are directed to the most interesting customer segments with the greatest growth potential, thus maximizing the impact of your investments.


Improve member relationship management with marketing automations by hyper-segmenting each member profile according to their needs.


  • Automated Actions
  • Marketing Workflows
  • Management of Leads, Current Members, and Former Members
  • Sales Process Control
  • Sending SMS, WhatsApp, Social Media, and Emails
Discover the CRM

All your data centralized in a panel with AI analysis

FitnessKPI acts as the central nervous system of your operations, seamlessly integrating with a wide range of software platforms to ensure that data from every aspect of your business is consolidated into a single coherent stream

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