La solución de software de gestión de gimnasios todo en uno para centros deportivos de todos los tamaños

Magicline is a leading European gym management software solution, developed by Sport Alliance GmbH. This cloud ERP system is designed to digitize and optimize all daily operations of sports centers, from membership management and online reservations to access control and payment automation. Magicline enables gym operators to attract new members and retain them long-term through advanced customer retention and engagement tools.

The platform includes functionalities such as coach management, shift planning, time tracking, and integrated financial services that simplify contribution administration and debt collection. Additionally, Magicline offers a member app and digital platform to enhance the training experience and facilitate access to facilities. With more than 8,000 clients and millions of users throughout Europe, Magicline stands out for its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client, providing a complete and personalized solution for the fitness sector.

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